The Collier Brothers, an 84′ 2″ x 24′ steel dragger out of Portland, Ore., that was built in 1978 at Gulf Coast Marine Builders in Bayou La Batre, Ala., arrived at Giddings Boatworks on Sept. 18. A little more than five months later, on Feb. 25, she left the Charleston, Ore., boatyard after being sponsoned out to 34 feet.

The boat’s owner “wanted a more stable platform,” says Wayne Garcia, Giddings’ general manager.

The project was initiated in early August when the Collier Brothers owner, a longtime customer at Giddings, contacted the boatyard and said, “I want my boat to be wider and I need to have it happen fast.” Giddings agreed, but the manner in which the sponsoning was done, while once common, is relatively unheard of these days.

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The F/V Enterprise completed her sponson job in the summer of 2019 at Giddings Boat Works located in the Charleston Marina Complex.

While hauled out the vessel received  5 coats on the underwater hull.  One was Inorganic Zinc, two were Anti Corrosives and 2 Anti Fouling coats.

The upper hull(Free Board) received 4 coats.  One Inorganic Zinc, two Anti Corrosives and one Poly Urethane Top coat by AmerShield .

The vessel was also widened receiving an additional 14′ of sponson added to the hulls breadth. When we started she was 23′ feet wide and when she left she was 36.7′ full breadth and 77′ in length.

We also added an IMS chiller system to each side as well as new stainless steel fish holds. A new larger wheel was added by the owner and shaft work was done to repair a bad sleeve.

We at Giddings Boatworks are proud to serve our Pacific fleet and the local fishing businesses with the highest level of construction and craftsmanship.