F/V Aleutian Ballad

You might remember the Aleutian Ballad from Season 2 of Deadliest Catch. She was damaged by a rogue wave that damaged her pretty bad. We are proud to have done the refit that has given her new life and turned her into a crab tour boat.

Aleutian Ballad, a House Aft boat with a capacity of 120 pots, made its last hurrah in the 2006 king crab season. Aleutian Ballad was transformed into a chartering vessel, so the owners were excited about the publicity the boat would receive from Deadliest Catch before she was retired as a fishing boat.The Aleutian Balled is 100 feet long.


Year of Retrofit: 2006-2007
Hull Construction: Steel
Engine: Diesel
Length: 96.8′
Breadth: 26.0′
Depth: 8.0′
Gross Tonnage: 92
Net Tonnage: 63

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