Dockside Haul out and Repair

Giddings Boatworks employs highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to and experienced in the following trades:

Rigging, Welding, Custom Metal Fabrication, Valves, Piping, Electrical, Paint and Coatings, Carpentry, Machining, Propulsion, Plumbing, Retrofitting, Etc.

Our combined operational workforces are a formidable team and can tackle nearly any sort of repair challenge that presents itself. We work as cost effectively as possible with considerations to our client’s time to provide top quality repairs in an efficient time-period at competitive prices.

We have multiple dock-side repair moorings and  can even haul-out your boat from two different locations, depending on the size of your vessel. The larger vessels we can use ‘the Ways’ rail-system dolly(rated up to 250 tons) and for smaller vessels we have a marine travel-lift (rated up to 60 tons) that allows our team to get you quickly out of the water and parked where we can easily get the work that you need preformed done right.

We pride ourselves on using top quality regional Oregon made and American made products, and support our local economy with every repair, over-haul, sponson job and new custom boat we build.

Whether you need a minor repair, gear changes, engine overhaul or replacement, or would like us to take on something greater like making you boat longer and wider or add and extension (sponsoning), our team will strategically tackle your needs and provide a top quality product that you can feel good about. Your boat and crew can feel safe knowing that Giddings Boatworks cares about your success and safety on the open waters.

About Us

We pride ourselves in providing top quality steel work and have been building and repairing commercial fishing vessels since 1979.

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