Welcome to Giddings Boatworks

Ray Cox purchased Giddings Boatworks, Inc. in 2007 after Don Giddings (original owner) retired. Ray and his crew have been working hard at continuing on the tradition of Giddings Boatworks. Giddings Boatworks provides service from the Pacific Northwest, to all of the west coast from California to Alaska. It’s our vision to be your preferred world-class marine repair solution where quality and value converge.

We pride ourselves in doing top quality steel work and have been building and repairing Commercial Fishing Vessels since 1979. We are committed to contribute to the success of our customers through continuous development of our capacities, technical competencies and a motivated workforce, and to support the fishing communities that we serve. We are proud of every new custom boat or repair job that we do, as well as the fact that everything we do helps define us as a Made in Oregon & Made in the U.S.A. company!

We are growing and building!

We are primarily a repair facility serving the fishing fleet but also have a respectable record of new construction too. Giddings Boatworks is the home of the F/V Time Bandit from the TV show “Deadliest Catch”, we also built F/V Cape Caution, F/V Aleutian Ballad, F/V Ramblin’ Rose, and the F/V Maverick. We have also recently completed construction on three new fishing vessels, F/V Miss Emily , F/V Patriot and the F/V Evie Grace.

View a list of our ship building history below.

Hull #


Original Name Original Owner Type Tons Built Disposition
Collier Brothers Fishing Vessel Active
Evie Crace Fishing Vessel 2018 Active
1 617797 Chellissa Chellissa Fisheries Fishing Vessel 134 1980 Active
2 643789 Erin Lynn Holly-Matt Fishing Vessel 166 1981 Now Pacific Dawn
3 633577 Westling Dean H Fishing Vessel 166 1981 Active
4 647314 Maverick Maverick Fishing Vessel 173 1982 Active
5 646135 Tracy D Fishing Vessel 169 1982 Now Watchman
6 656221 San Michelle Norquest Seafoods Fishing Vessel 169 1983 Now Cape Caution
22 662562 Time Bandit John Hillstrand Fishing Vessel 195 1983 Now Kittiwake
7 664175 Grizzly Fishing Vessel 199 1984 Now Kari Marie
23 667407 Last Frontier Nordic Marine Fishing Vessel 195 1984 Active
9 923632 Nicole Nicole Fishing Vessel 156 1988 Active
10 928882 Jeanette Marrie Jeanette Marrie Fishing Vessel 118 1988 Active
12 936611 Stormie C Stormie C Ferry 120 1988 Active
14 944290 Rogue Lightship Inc. Fishing Vessel 162 1989 Active
15 960839 Polestar Polestar Fisheries Fishing Vessel 162 1990 Active
16 957380 Ramblin’ Rose Ramblin’ Rose Fishing Vessel 166 1990 Active
17 959086 Beauty Bay Beauty Bay Alaska Fishing Vessel 196 1990 Active
18 973238 Time Bandit Pioneer-Alaskan Fishing Vessel 188 1991 Active
19 973478 Island Mist Evans GE Fishing Vessel 283 1991 Active
25 991714 Cabrillo Sause Bros. Passenger 99 1993 Active
28 997919 Redondo Sause Bros. Passenger 99 1993 Active
21 1087790 Arctic Venture Pacific Venture Resources Fishing Vessel 194 1999 Now Aleutian Sable
101 1246411 Patriot Mike Pettis Fishing Vessel 197 2013 Active
102 1244893 Miss Emily Todd Whaley Fishing Vessel 173 2014 Active