Steel Work

Giddings Boatworks has been one of the foremost Marine steelworks companies on the West Coast of the United States since we opened our doors in 1979.

We’ve helped repair and build hundreds of boats from Fishing, Crabbing and Shrimping Vessels to Oyster Boats and repairs to the most heavy-duty of Pacific Fleet Tug Boats.

Our crew can create and fit any custom steel pieces you may need to repair damage from collisions, steel renewal and replacement or expanding the size of your ships hull .

With a very talented team of welders and fitters, as well as a family-run, custom aluminum fabrication shop right next door to our primary shop, we can work around any possible challenge and fix any problem we encounter.

We specialize in building, repairing and sponsoning large fishing vessels that need a mindful, creative, and industrial-strength approach to metal-work. Giddings Boatworks is sought out by the top fishing vessel owners and captains through-out the Pacific for our expertise, affordability, and custom care that we can provide to remedy any marine repair problem.

We are proud to lend our talents in steel work and custom metal fabrication to the safety of the boats and crews that make up our fishing communities all over the Pacific coastline.

About Us

We pride ourselves in providing top quality steel work and have been building and repairing commercial fishing vessels since 1979.

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