The Chellissa has quite a story that starts here at Giddings Boats going back to the 1970’s.  It turns out this vessel a very long time ago rolled over not far from here and had to be taken to Coos Bay and rolled back over.

After that it had to be brought back to Giddings Boat Works where Don Giddings made the repairs. Over the years it has had a couple of owners. The vessel did not look like it does today, it has been sponsored twice.  Thats just a little history on the F/V Chellissa.

We hauled the vessel out this time and pressure washed the growth off of it. We painted the Antifouling, changed the Anodes, fixed the rope cutter and installed a new zinc nut. We launched the vessel and placed the vessel at the dock.

The vessel owner wanted to install a new subfloor in the lower house, at the same time Giddings installed sound dampening latex between the subfloor to make the vessel more quiet.

Giddings also had been asked by the owner to install Stainless steel in the Forward fish hold. This is a serious undertaking and requires a lot of thought and labor by our team.

I wanted to say the Chellissa is a great boat and has a wonderful owner. He is a long time Giddings Boat Works customer and we enjoy working on his vessel.

Are you looking to have your fishing vessel hauled out for repairs and maintenance ?

Giddings Boat Works offers multiple dock-side repair moorings and we have the ability to haul-out your boat from two different locations, depending on the size of your vessel.

Being able to haul your boat out of the water allows our crew to get your boat parked where we can more easily effect repairs and maintenance in an environment that ensures the best possible outcome for your vessel.

Below are some of the services we can offer during haul outs:
Rigging, Welding, Custom Metal Fabrication, Valves, Piping, Electrical, Paint and Coatings, Carpentry, Machining, Propulsion, Plumbing and Retrofitting