The F/V Miss Pacific, is a local vessel here on the coast, it is owned by a rather large fishing company here in Oregon. The vessel had been ready to go fishing when it was sitting at the dock in Brookings Oregon.

Before leaving the vessel had a fire in the back of the house, before too long the fire ran out of control. The crew gets off the vessel and the fire continues to burn for hours on end. Once the fire had been put out a few weeks later the vessel had been towed to Giddings Boat Works in Charleston, Oregon.

We met with the owners and walked through their vision of how the boat should be repaired. After our meeting with the owners, Giddings sat down and started to plan how the repairs would be scheduled and completed.

First we needed to remove all of the burned items from the fire, from the nets that were melted to the deck to the burned remains of the pilothouse, galley and state rooms. This was a huge undertaking.

We ordered a dumpster and got to work removing all of the burned equipment. We had a few pictures of what the boat looked like beforehand and several of the other boats that this company owns are very similar. We began to order parts and started cutting off the burned steel house.

We installed the new steel house and from this point all that you see in the video has been completed by us, from the new wires to the carpentry. Now this type of job is 100% directed by the owner, a lot of personal touches are in place. they tell us how they want it to look and we make that a reality.