The Western hunter, this is the first time that we have had the vessel here, it is a slime eel vessel. We hauled the vessel out and the owner stated that he wanted the vessel fully blasted and painted minus the pilot house as it is fiberglass.

We started to blast the vessel and this took around a full week with two employees blasting every day. afterwards we had some spots on the hull that needed to be repaired, steel work that is. So we fixed the needed areas as requested and as most times we found a few more areas the owner wanted to address.

We fully reworked the Anchor windlass as it had frozen up and became unusable, now it is restored to its former glory. We plated both the Bow and Stern thruster tubes and filled them with boiled linseed oil. We plated the starboard aft fuel tank as it was in need of attention. we plated the stern/transom area as well as it was in need of attention.

We plated parts of the main aft deck and the fish hold coaming as they were also in need of repairs. please see the before and after you can see the amazing difference.