When it comes to Oregon Shipyards Giddings Boat Works offers experienced machinists, fabricators, welders and fitters with the knowledge and skills required for repairing and building all types of commercial vessels.

Located in Charleston Oregon Giddings Boat Works shipyard is a great location for commercial fishing boats to complete retrofits,maintenance work, repairs in a very well protected harbor.

With over 300-miles of coastline Oregon’s harbors play a vital role in providing a mix of commercial, industrial and recreational services as well as a refuge when the ocean turns temperamental which is fairly often especially during the winter months.

So if you do get into trouble rest assured Giddings Boat Works is one Oregon Shipyard you can rely on to get your boat and your crew back on the water as quickly and safely as possible.

Giddings Boat Works is a family-run business and our top priority to boat owners and captains is excellent customer service, affordable pricing and integrity in the work we do and the relationships we have built within our community.

The team at Giddings will make sure to communicate with you at every step of the way during any project or repair, we believe good communication is vital for customer satisfaction.

Be sure to make Giddings Boat works your number one choice of Oregon Shipyards when your in need of expertise, affordability, and the custom care that we put into all of our marine services. Give us a call today at 541-888-4712 or Contact Us via email and let us know how we can help you.