Dockside Haul Out Repairs Oregon

Here at Giddings Boat Works we employ a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to excellence in all that we do for our customers.

From Welding to Custom Metal Fabrication, from Electrical to Paint Coatings and more , we do it all when it comes to the proper maintenance and repairs of your vessel.

One of the best ways to save money is to plan for regular maintenance so that it doesn’t turn into costly emergency repairs that put your boat and your crew out of action.

A proper long-term maintenance program also helps the shipyard get more done as well with less time in dock so you don’t end up having to dock during peak operational times.

Giddings Boat Work offers multiple dock-side repair moorings and we have the ability to haul-out your boat from two different locations, depending on the size of your vessel.

Being able to haul your boat out of the water allows our crew to get your boat parked where we can more easily effect repairs and maintenance in an environment that ensures the best possible outcome for your vessel.

Our facility is located in Charleston Marina Complex which plays a vital role in providing a full range of services for commercial fishing boats to complete retrofits, maintenance work and repairs in very well protected harbor.

The team here at Giddings Boat Works will make sure to communicate with you at every step of the way during any maintenance, repair or haul out, we believe good communication is vital for customer satisfaction.

Be sure to make Giddings Boat Works your number one choice when in need of expertise, affordability, and the custom care that we put into all of our marine services. Give us a call today at 541-888-4712 or Contact Us via email and let us know how we can help you.