Fishing Vessel Maintenance

Proper Vessel Maintenance is so important when your business and your lives depend on it.  From the engine room, to hull paint and coatings, to on-board equipment, properly scheduled maintenance will help to extend the life of your vessel during the fishing the season and beyond.

Of course the main goals of regular inspections and maintenance is to identify and fix problems in dry dock so vessel owners don’t have to deal with them at sea during the fishing season. Having your fishing boat breakdown during the fishing season only compounds your losses in revenue.

We encourage vessel owners to prepare a work plan to maximize time spent out of the water.  Having a proper long-term maintenance program helps our crew get more done with less time when your vessel is in dock.   If owners wait too long to book their maintenance time,  or simply wait until they have a breakdown or need repairs they could end up having to dock during peak operational times.

That’s why if possible it’s always a good idea to leave as much time as possible between scheduled maintenance and the start of the season in order to address any unexpected issues.

Of course we understand that not all repairs can be planned in advance, which is why here at Giddings Boat Works we try to be as flexible and responsive as possible when it comes to taking care of the fishing fleet here on the west coast… we like to treat all of our customers as part of the family!

If you are able to schedule a repair or maintenance there a few tips to help things move along faster which always saves you time and money. For example if you have drawings or vessel details, having those upfront before your vessel arrives will help us prepare for the work to be done.

You might also want to empty your stores so as not to waste any perishable foods during the haul out time.  Also keep in mind if work needs to be done in or around your fuel tanks it’s best to come into dock with low fuel tanks so the yard doesn’t have to spend time removing fuel before work can begin.

Sometimes other contractors may need access to the vessel for engine work, electronics and other areas of the vessel , knowing this upfront will allow us better to schedule and coordinate those repairs to ensure your haul out time is as short as possible. We all know in this business… time is money!

At Giddings Boat Works you and your boat become part of our family and together we will ensure that she gets the attention she deserves to keep her active for many years to come.

So give us a call today at at 541-888-4712 or Contact Us via email and lets work together to keep your vessel in good working order all year long.

Crab Boat Retrofit Oregon

Crab fishing is considered one of the most valuable single species commercial fisheries in Oregon, harvesting an average of 14 million pounds of Dungeness crab per season.

If your boat is part of the crab fishing fleet that ply the waters off the west coast then you understand how critical it is to have your boat performing at it’s best during the crab season.

Here at Giddings Boat Works we understand how critical crab fishing is for the economy here in Oregon, not only for the state but also for the many local economies, ports, shipyards and support industries that make up this industry.

Because we have been building, repairing and retrofitting crab boats so long we have a great reputation in the Crab Fishing Community and we know and understand what is needed when it comes to retrofitting a commercial crabbing vessel.

With our highly experienced team of craftsman and builders we can tackle the job of any type of interior or exterior retrofits based on the needs of your crew and vessel type.

Our shipyard is located on the Southern Oregon Coast and is in a great location for crab fishing boats to complete retrofits in a well-equipped and well protected shipyard.

Whether it’s a new color scheme, galley or hull extension, bulbous bulb addition, new heating and cooling systems, you name it, we are here to support and exceed your expectations.

So give the team here at Giddings Boat Works a call at 541-888-4712 or Contact Us via email and let us help you to continue to be part of an Oregon tradition that goes back well over 150 years with the rest of the fleet of mariners who call the Oregon coastal waters home.